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Côtes de Bergerac Moelleux “Vieux Touron”

This is a semi-sweet white wine.                                                                                                                                                     Yellow colour, fine bouquet, fruity and fresh, with a smooth taste.

Suitable as apéritif and with white meats and strawberries.

Vintage: last harvest

Monbazillac (white sweet) “Vieux Touron”

80% sémillon / 10% muscadelle / 10% sauvignon

Vintage:                                                                                                                                                                                   2004, 2001: aged in barrels                                                Colour gold-amber, complex and intensive bouquet of both wood and honey and almond with rich vanilla flavours, crystallised and roasted fruits.

2007, 2005: wine-Making in stainless vats                                A pale yellow colour, a complex bouquet of honey, a clear and smooth palette with a dominant flowery taste.

The vineyard is South of the river Dordogne and is plagued
by fog in autumn during the period of maturity of the white grapes.
This is particularly good to allow botrytis cinera (or “noble rot”) to form.
Grapes slowly lose thus their water and the sugar naturally concentrates.
The vineyard is facing North-South and therefore has the most sun.
The chalky and clay soil with silica in the subsoil achieves a healthy fruit.

Several hand pickings are necessary to pick only grapes with “botrytis cinera”
(on average 3 pickings).

The wine is stored at least one year after the harvest to allow a
certain maturity: at the moment it is 2 years.

With its high sugar content, Monbazillac can be kept for 10-20 years.
Old vintages available on demand

Suitable as apéritif, “foie gras”, melon, white meats, fish, strong cheeses, tarts, apricot, figs, walnuts.